Doctoral Degree - I need more informations

December 6, 2006 3:18pm CST
What are the benefits of a doctoral degree in the world? I would be happy if you could give me examples from any country? Ok, in money but to what level? In my country that is only for about 100e more than without the degree. So finally is there anything else bringing you this huge amount of work done by someone for some years in achieving it? How many years it takes in different parts of the world? What one has to do for it in different countries? Thank you.
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@zambian (31)
• India
7 Dec 06
My husband is pursuing his doctoral degree in India. It takes a minimum of 3 yrs and maximum of 5. When he has finally achieved his goal, we hope it will enable him to get a better quality job in reseach or industry. Without a doubt, in my country a doctrtate is worth alot simply because alot of people respect that Dr in front of your name, and so it is much easier to get a better paying job. There will be instances were he will be deemed overqualified, but for the most part, he has a bright future.
@1login (368)
• Finland
6 Dec 06
Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated Ph.D. looks to be the same with doctoral degree in Finland ant it is the highest academic degree anyone can earn. Because earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense intellectual effort, less than one percent of the population attains the degree. Society shows respect for a person who holds a Ph.D. by addressing them with the title ``Doctor''. To earn a Ph.D., one must accomplish two things. First, one must master a specific subject completely. Second, one must extend the body of knowledge about that subject. Finally I should say you gain respect in front of the others and not too many others financial benefits.