It's difficult for me to feel happy...

December 6, 2006 4:51pm CST
...when, at the university, one of my friends gets a mark better than mine. Is it normal?Or i'm too egoist?I can't control my feelings, anyway i think that it's too easy to be friends of a person who is worse than us; instead, it takes a great altruism for being able to be happy of the victories of a friend of us. What do you think?
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@HimArticles (1138)
• India
7 Dec 06
Do not strive for happiness. You can only arrive at happiness while striving for other things. Happiness is not a fixed state of being; it is a state of perpetual becoming. Happiness can’t be designed. When happiness arrives you are no longer conscious of striving for it. The meaning in life, or the fulfillment that goes beyond your individual egoistic self. You are as great as the causes you aspire to. The key to happiness is to lose your ego and ambition, and to acquire a vision and a mission.
• Singapore
7 Dec 06
i think it's normal that we tend to compare ourselves with others especially those that are better compare to us. not only academic result but a lot of other things. but that would make us want to succeed's the drive that make us try to improve ourself to be at par with them. if you keep on being with a person who is worse than you, then you will not have the determination to succeed, but instead, you will become very egoistic as you believe you are better than them