Want to lose/gain weight?Want to build you body?Ask here.I will try to help you.

@psyclone (244)
December 6, 2006 6:32pm CST
As the title say. I saw here many people having this kind of problems. I have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding this matter and I will try to help you as much as I can with quality advices. I expect people with this kind of problems to post here, not post hunters. Anyone who has an advice to give, feel free to post. Thank You.
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@abijan (494)
• Malaysia
7 Dec 06
I am trying to loosing my weight. What is the best healty food to loose my weight. As an asian, my main food is rice, curry and other asian food. So, what is the healty diet for me ?
@psyclone (244)
• Romania
7 Dec 06
Rice is good, but make sure you wont cook it to fat, use more vegetables. I dont know curry, but I searched on internet and I saw it`s pretty high in carbohydrates. That doesnt mean you have to eliminate from your food, just try to avoid it. About other asian food, I dont know what to tell you, because I dont use to eat that kind of food here. As far as I know, asian food also consist of fish and is known that fish consumption combats hypertension and obesity, and with a proper weight-loss diet can get you to your goal. Try to avoid fat foods or with lots of carbohydrates(bread, pastas, etc) and everything spicy. Dont try to eliminate them at once...because your organism wont adapt so fast.Also try to consume food with quality proteins(chicken meat,eggs, low fat milk and milk products, etc) and vitamines(vegetables, fruits, ..) It`s very IMPORTANT that you wont be starving and dont eat to much at once. Try to eat 4-8 times a day, but in small quantities. It`s better you dont eat at night, even if you feel you`re hungry. Every body has problems adapting to a new diet, so make the changes slowly and even so, your organism will have difficulties adapting(fever,feeling weak, bad mood, you dont feel like doing anything,your organism refusal for the new life style....) but they will dissapear. Fast weight loss it`s a myth, there is no such thing. Losing fat takes much time and very much time, depending on your organism type. Trying to make it fast you just cause an disorder of your system and get secondary effects. Also a good diet is nothing without exercises. The best way to exercise is going to gym, but if you cant, try to run, bike run, swiming, ...you chose. After you succesfully changed your diet you can get some fatburners
• India
18 Dec 06
yes without exercise can u tell