How To: Running Windows On Your Mac

December 6, 2006 7:43pm CST
Do you know how to run Windows on Your Mac? Frankly speaking I had little idea why should anyone wants to run windows on Mac until I read this article. Apple's Mac OS X operating system gets more and more compatible with the PC world with each new release -- it supports both general industry standards and many proprietary de facto standards, and it integrates cleanly with networks, back-end systems, authentication, and authorization systems like Active Directory, network storage, and other historically PC-centric enterprise assets. In fact, an increasing number of key enterprise features have become significantly easier to administer on a Mac than a PC. Nevertheless, there is an entire range of products that require not just interoperability, but need an actual Windows operating system to operate, and it is this area that Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for Mac both address. Read the full article at:
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