Guardianship Fraud in NY Legal Help Needed Immediately

United States
December 6, 2006 10:24pm CST
Please help. this is only part of the story. We need a Lawyer who can practice in NY that is specializing in Guardianship Law/Fraud. Please read below. If you are a Lawyer and can help Please contact me immediately. Thank You. 1) The judge needs to know, how I was approached for Guardianship and how the mental disability was thrown at me. 2) The judge needs to know, that I never ever received a penny from in over (7) seven years; and that the first and ONLY check I received, was on Friday November 24, 2006 from a XXXXX a/g/f account. I should be investigated the date this account was opened, and the activity of this account in my interests. 3) The last Direct Deposit of my Social Security benefits into my Dime Savings account was on August 3, 2006. At that time my benefits were $6__ , today I believe my benefits to be over $700 per month. Again, I have never received a penny. 4) Since XXXXX got my Social Security money, my life was totally ruined (will explain) and my meager income from my small business was ruined. I was left completely without funds, and was literally starving for several weeks (while begging for help). With God’s help, I started working (so I would not starve to death) by buying and cooking food for elderly men and women, but only healthy meals. I drove an old car without ever having an accident or points on my drivers’ license, which is still valid, but I recently stopped driving because of my Cataracts and pains in my eyes. I also did babysitting; gardening and pruning; cleaning and other menial jobs. I also started every year to study to pass the test and work for the Primaries, the Run-ups, and the Elections, while begging for help from every Jewish (and some non-Jewish) Politicians representing the City of New York, the State of New York, and the Federal Government (without success, because; once elected they all sit on Mt. Olympus and are not reachable). 5) I also begged for help from all the Jewish Help Organizations; Rabbinical Institutions and local synagogue Rabbis; as well as, the representatives of all (3) three Jewish denominations, for whom I worked for years as a Licensed Teacher, under the supervision of the Jewish Board of Education. Unfortunately, without success because we live today in a selfish Sodom and Gomorra-like society, everybody for himself and no real concern for the needy and the unfortunate. 6) When my only Son was killed in a Car Accident, I couldn’t go to the Memorial Prayer for the Dead, because I did not have money, though; I was teaching in the local synagogue--the children that belonged to the longest running politician named XXXXX —who was not reachable. 7) Once XXXXX were appointed, the made many criminal attempts to divert my mail the their PO Box in Manhattan in the name of XXXXX, XXXXX, and other addressees at my residence. They phoned the post office, as well as wrote letters in my name repeatedly attempting to make changes to my address. They have also on numerous occasions, stolen mail from my mailbox. They bothered my mailman numerous times, requesting my mail be given to them, lying to him about a Court Order requiring him to do so. On several occasions, I have received ‘Confirmations of Change of Address’. I have responded both in person and on the phone to deny that I had ever requested such changes to my address. 8) XXXXX also contacted by phone and in writing, my telephone company, pretending to be me. They requested that my bills be diverted to their PO Box in Manhattan. They did manage to get one small telephone bill mailed to them, and they paid it. Once I realized that I did not receive my bill, I contacted the management office of my phone company, asking “where is my bill?” I was then informed by them, that their records showed that I had requested that my bills be diverted to a PO Box in Manhattan, and that the missing bill had already been paid. I spoke with the highest management authority, denied such a request and explained briefly my situation and asked his advice what I should do next. He told me to pick a Secret Code and that solved the situation. 9) I always paid my Property Taxes once a year in full, in order to save. XXXXX, again criminally overstepping their boundaries, went to the tax offices pretending to be me, and paid ¼ of the bill, ONCE! They made several other unsuccessful attempts to pay my bill. I paid every bill since then, till criminally-recently, my property which was in the name of XXXXX, was changed to the name of XXXXX, without my presence or knowledge. This was done for three (3) reasons (which require immediate and thorough investigating): a) First reason, is to be able to sell my property, when I will be blind and dead. b) Second reason, is since they knew how to appear in front of judge(s) who believed that I am mentally sick, and criminally and dangerously violently, and incapable of understanding court procedures, therefore; they easily succeeded to steal my property and put it in the name of XXXXX (which a criminal judge punished me for refusing to accept the lawyer who he wanted to be my guardian, and appointed One (1) year later, XXXXX as my guardians instead. c) Third reason, since they were very successful in having court proceedings without my presence, and they hoped to continue everything without me, they could easily pretend that they were paying my property taxes, as well as my home insurance all these years ( I paid it all and have proof of it).
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