What you think about married life? It should be long lasting or teste and left?

@tleena (72)
December 6, 2006 11:08pm CST
married life, in estern culture should long lasting and both husband and wife should have good understanding. But sometimes there will be misunderstanding in htat moment what to do? Will be tried to convince each other or should divorce?If the wife's personal phone or message or call anything else should be exposed to husband? But not husband. He can talk to other girls but if his wife talk or walk with staff or friends, why man try to censonr? Before marriage if had physical contact,he thought that she had had with him then after she maight be engaged with other? Wouldn't he engaege to others after or before? In that moment what girl must do? If man also same situation what he must do?If only man try to be good, now what is the identity of girl. Who is she? Number of such case is happened. Mostly girls are suffered, even she is being decentor without any mistake. But man is being brutal or had blunder mistake.
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