December 7, 2006 12:59am CST
In fact, there are sth. changing between us but may be, you have not been awear of it At the beginning when we are together...at that time, we spend a lot of time being together...shopping...having dinner...seeing moves...and so on also, every nights, we always chat in phone for a long time...talking anythings happened in the day time.. it"s really a good time that can"t be forgetted... however....sth. may change.... after you get a job in bank......the only thing i can hear is that you"re tired.... the only thing you want to do is to sleep..... less and less you ask what I do, what I want and what is my feeling I know......working is totally different from studying....it is more tired but why the others can be with their lovers and play with their friends.. do you know, I"m really miss you and feel unhappy!~
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@nuel_h (1594)
• Indonesia
7 Dec 06
hi im just here to welcome you to mylot.com community hope your stay here will bring good effect. hmm, now, what i think is its a good write. i just dont think it will have good attention o people inmylot. you should change something here. may be with a clear question?