Does everybody have a problem here? Are there more sad people than happy?

December 7, 2006 1:09am CST
I have observed that many people have a life with problems. Or I can say that reading the pages of myLot, I see that most of the people use these pages to discard their souls, find some "remedy" for their problems - but very few talk about their happyness!!! This should be becasue happy people do not stay so much in front of the computer, they have other things to do, look after their everyday life. And those who have time for this kind of activity - are or the young people, or unemployed or mothers with little children. And I think it is true that young people think of evveryday's problems like some huge things. I presume that with time they will realize that some problems are part of everyday-life and you should learn how to live with them. Anyway I just wanted to say that maybe it would be nice to write about our happiness, too, to share with each other our joy as well! So, what is your opinion about all these?
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