Cautious or paranoid?

December 7, 2006 1:56am CST
So I got this friend who's going out with this girl and this girl's a little flirtatious with guys but I know she love him and she doesn't seem the type to cheat but my friend is one of those jealous types and he decides to go through her e-mails and phone logs and when he told me this I asked him why is he being so paranoid and he said he's just being cautious so what do you think cautious or paranoid?
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• Romania
7 Dec 06
You are being cautious. I had this same problem when going to deactivate mine. I chose to confront him and discuss where we were going in this relationship and if he was still "looking". I was told he was not and he immediately deactivated his account. Some people like to keep checking for the sake of checking. Be honest, ask him why he is still "looking" and do tell him how you feel about it. If he continues to look, and does not deactivate it is a good indication that he is still looking to date others
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@Antianara (608)
• Australia
7 Dec 06
ahh... well... a bit of both I would say, unless she really has given him reason to dis trust her than he should not being snooping through her stuff.