anyone knows persons who claim they have ghosts as their "Pets"?

December 7, 2006 2:51am CST
i dont hav anything first hand experience but i came across many peoplie in ma community who claim and proof that they contact spirits daily. yes its a fact they had their prooves with them..... as for example, some people in ma country Pakistan claims that they have their pet "ghosts" obviously no one would believe that but later he disclosed that those ghosts are deadly and though they are "pet" but don't hesitate to kill u if u don't fulfill their criteria once u called them in front of u,of course to ask them do some work for u,later he told us that those ghosts had killed his father just because of the reason i disclosed above! he added that once u called them u cant call them off!that is you should them some work one after one,so he said most of the time i ask them to count tides at a beach which is a never ending job,but atleast he himself is free of those "pet ghosts"! what would u say abt this??do you know anyone else?
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• India
27 Dec 06
But sometimes the bad spirits can do a lot of damage