Is internet a boon?

@SGOEL27 (927)
December 7, 2006 3:07am CST
The internet is a vast network of computers connected through telephone lines. Most of the information on the internet is free which anyone can access anyone can A create a website,send emails,talk to other, expend bussiness entertenment online shopping employment opportunitys. findai etc.But it may cause people to live in fency world, losing contact with the real one. It could lead to a reduction in productivity as many persons may spend time surfing the net rather than doing their given work. It should be bane sometime. what do you think
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@gnuehc (41)
7 Dec 06
it does worry me how much we rely on the internet nowadays. in the future, this reliance is just going to continue, what with the development of skye and getting tv programmes and radio shows etc from the internet. it does open up a number of possibilities but i don't think it's a good thing if we become too reliant on the internet
@nuel_h (1593)
• Indonesia
7 Dec 06
i totaly disgaree with you. internet is not a boon. and you cant banned for someday. i think its natural for people to have real friends i real world, and its a basic need dont u see?