Around 6 years left!

@1login (368)
December 7, 2006 4:03am CST
History repeating! I am thinking this is real and moreover, this "history repeating has a real support somewhere, somehow.
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@Nick28 (491)
• Finland
7 Dec 06
What u mean? You were reading too much! It looks you have been believing in Apocalypse’s Mel Gibson’s movie and I don’t. Or, only into Maya’s calendar? Or in Nostradamus´s predictions? Anyway, in Bible says: you will never know when the end is coming. I think you should take care of these words – they are very old and you can trust it more then to someone prediction, lesional mind or imagination.
@1login (368)
• Finland
13 Dec 06
Think about.. this is an old saying - "History repeating", isn’t it? How is it possible to know what will happen in the future? One way could be if the history is repeating :) Were Maya or Egyptians old, undeveloped civilizations? How did they anticipate the future if the history is not repeating? Huh? Could it be an explanation?
• Janesville, Wisconsin
8 Dec 06
History like everything else does have it's cycles..... As far as the end of times... Well lets see comet out of the sky happened trade towers collapsed... The Beast Rose out of the sea... UN ... The wars lead by the Knight of Templar... and all its little brother hoods that are trying to make the one world nation real its happening... Why fear it? ... Fear attracts it? It says there is a chance. They will try to turn man against man until there is no more. But Man can turn this around if they fight hard enough in non violant ways, and then the other prophecies of peace etc. Armageddon in this cycle is called War on Terrorism.... In this Cycle a Prince tried to stop it.. Blare.. then ran back in retreated... Oh well. Maybe it is better to not know :), and Just live! - DNatureofDTrain ps. Do not let what I stated scare ya.. as Far as the Mark of the Best.. Much is revealed on a site called Illuminate News .. but if you feel paranoid or scared already, stay away from it... Fear no good. People must be Brave, and willing to work hard to manifest positive change and focus on the good. That is how we will stay strong and outlive the negative. - DNatureofDTrain