Tell me ur dream?I can interpret it..

December 7, 2006 5:17am CST
Do u dream a lot?? Do u get a dream which keeps on coming again?? Do u think the dreams really mean anything?? I have thought a lot and done a lot of research.. Tell me i might help... Give a try...
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• Austria
7 Dec 06
I dream a lot. So you really can interpret dreams? and you are not joking? hmmm, let me see. Ok last night i dreamt that i won a multi-million from lottery. I dreamt that i bought a big house and it looked like a big palace with expensive furnishings. I also dreamt of becoming a cat. really crazy but its true. I was transformed into a cat.
• India
7 Dec 06
thats a very common dream dude... like every one i can see u that too want to become rich.. you knows dreams does not predict ur future but they sometimes tell your hidden desires and wishes.. your is a very general case and you will say that what i told u is very general.. give me something strange so that u can test me.. and about the Cat.. he he it just shows ur fear.. every one is afraid of aomething but when u get it with money.. it says u might be feared fr ur craving to become rich.. that u might not fall into some trap or do something which u might regret in order to become rich.. i hope the mesage is very clear... post more so that i can help u..