As Muslims just arrogant uneducated children

September 18, 2006 2:08am CST
The behaviour of Muslims over the reasonable remarks of the Pope to his own people is reprensible, and nothing more than a tantrum of an unruly child. Do Muslim clerics limit what they say in the mosques? No they preach hatred and jihad, so why should the Pope limit his remarks. He has a responsibility to bring understanding to his people. Now tell me, was the Muslim response reasonable, or the actions of a lunatic religion?
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@reprah (29)
• Ireland
18 Sep 06
I get the feeling that the ONLY subject taught in the Moslem School of the eastern nations, is the Koran (sp.). I may be wrong; but they seem like they know very little of the outside world. I think that is the reason for their juvenile tantrums, they act like spoiled babies, rather than adults; It has to be a limited education that would produce such childishness. One would think, that they would take a percentage of their oil revenues and teach their children the basic's of life. They have been around forever, yet they still live in mud huttes and caves. I'm told that, they don't use one of their hands because they don't use toilet paper and then they brush their teeth with the fourfinger of that same hand. I don't mean that as an insult, just a fact. If they are not taught anthing, but how to memorize the Koran; if they don't have reading, writing and arithmetic ( as you can see, I should have worked a little harder on Spelling)..., they have no knowledge of History. They don't know where they came from. or; for that matter, where their going; with the exception, as to what the Mulla's tell them. MAYBE THAT IS THE REASON THEY ARE MAD AT THE WEST. As they say in football language, "If you can't do anything else, then PUNT !!" reprah