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December 7, 2006 7:57am CST
I need some help and guidance on how to enter into the field of Forex. Have only a faint idea that it involves investing money with some program and it returns some earnings based upon the increase/decrease in exchange rate. Other than that have no further idea. Tried to find out some info but there are so many programs and so many sites that am confused. Have lost money in autosurfs heavily so lost hope from them. Will be grateful on how to approach and how much to invest, with proven techniques and programs.
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@forfein (2509)
7 Dec 06
Hi I also tried AutoSurfs, and got "Burned" with the "StormPay" fiasco in Feb this year. I did a LOT of searching reference FOREX!!!!!! FOREX can now be traded by "Normal Citizens" instead of the "Money Men"!!! You can start trading with as little as 5 Dollars!!! I will give you two sites about FOREX Trading:- This is an EXCELLENT FREE WEB SITE where you can learn ALL ABOUT Forex trading for FREE I dont think you can trade on this site, but, it WILL learn you all about it!! It is EXCELLENT! If, after reading all about it, and you want to have a go at it:- It isnt the best...... but...... they do give 5 Dollars FREE to start trading with!!! I have been using this site now for quite a while. The first to do is to use the "Training" part of so that you do some "Trading" but without losing any money!!!! In other words, you can get used to the "Candlesticks" and know what they mean and how the "Big Boys" do their trading! After about 2 months of "Virtual" Trading on the practice site, you can then go " Live" and put your new found knowledge to the test!!!! BUT.............. be careful Fortunes can be made and Fortunes can be LOST using FOREX!! However, at the moment I am in Profit by 35 Dollars using my FREE 5 Dollars And the other thing is..... it is FASCINATING!!! Hope this helps Below is the screen show of my Marketiva, you will see the "Candlesticks" which is how you trade, you will also see my current earnings for today, with one "Open" I hape to turn that one "Green" very soon!!!
@tanujarneja (2833)
• India
7 Dec 06