Life After Death

United States
December 7, 2006 9:41am CST
I truly believe in life after death. I believe that spirits can change form. One day, I was riding by the cemetary where my child's grandmother is buried. My mind just happened to be thinking about some of my close friends and relatives that passed on. I said a quick prayer and asked them to watch over us and help protect us from evil. As I got further down the road where the trees overhang in the road(it's almost like you're going thru a tunnel because it's kind of dreary lookin) a dog all of a sudden came out of the woods. he stood beside the road and looked at me as I was passing by. I kept looking back in my rear view mirror and he was still standing there looking at me. When I reached the end of the road and finally made it to the stop sign, I looked back and didn't see him. I thought he had left. In fact, he had not. He was right beside my car. Do you believe in life after death? Have you had any unique experiences?
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