Mahduri is back

December 7, 2006 10:59am CST
Madhuri Dixit last set hearts afire in Devdas, never to return, many thought. But with kids in tow and with the support of NRI doctor-husband Sriram Nene, Madhuri will now make her comeback in a Yash Raj film, which goes on the floors in January 2007. You are to return in a Yash Raj film project. Why this film? Yes, my comeback film has a bit of everything in it. I felt this would be the right film to do after a long break. I’ve worked with Yash Raj before, and they know me so well. They know I’d never cause unnecessary delays. More importantly, Yash ji has worked wonderfully well with married actresses before. Whether it’s Raakhee ji in Kabhi Kabhie or Waheeda ji , or Kajol in Fanaa , he’s sensitive to the schedules of an actor who’s a wife and a mother. I feel comfortable with them. What was your husband's reaction? He’s fully supportive of whatever I do. He feels that one’s talent shouldn't be suppressed. When I decided not to work and have kids, he was all for it. When I opted to do Devdas , he was still supportive. And now he’s with me all the way. How will you divide time between the US and Mumbai? It will only be one film a year or two, depending on schedules. For now, this seems fun. Are you nervous about taking away from the kids’ time? I’m extremely nervous about that. But there comes a time in a woman’s life when she needs to think of a world outside her home. Many women work and manage a career. My children are the most important part of my life. But they are growing and need to be a little independent. Also, my shooting in India will give the kids a chance to get in touch with their roots. They'll be with my family, they'll meet their cousins. I think they'll have fun. Did you miss films? I don't miss the adulation or the glamour. What I missed was being in front of a camera and assuming various characters. When do you start shooting? Sometime in January 2007, and we’ll be done in 3-4 months. Any apprehensions about how much cinema has changed since you last showed up? I’ve heard the change is for the better. Everyone's more disciplined. That makes things easier for me. I'd be able to work better. To be a part of this phase when so much is happening is itself so challenging. do u think she should work again explain why
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