what is the secret of mylot success

December 7, 2006 1:32pm CST
you all are wondering that two months back we were just surfing our net and what we all do on net is play some games take part in some contest and chat with our friend atleast i do these things mainly but suddenly i grow up and want some money and from my friend i got to know about this site mylot i register but for the first two days i was just roaming around checking how mylot pays you but didn't got the answer but really enjoyed all the post reading and replying to them what make me stick to mylot is just reply what you got in your mind when u read another new post of discussion and next day you check your earning to be raised bcoz you don't give hypothetical or politically correct answers you just give away your feelings and that mylot ask for maybe that create addiction to my lot anybody listen to you or not just type what you feel about the post that is the only main thing that matters
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