Dont you think its time to RATE BEST DISCUSSIONS?

December 7, 2006 1:45pm CST
Hello, Many must have brought this topic out before but it seems its NO USE…we have seen many people sharing their problems are asking for advice etc... But how many actually take the time and patience to rate the given advice, it’s really sad to see people don’t acknowledge postings, they don’t rate postings nor do they tell us if all the effort put by fellow users actually helped them solve their problem. I know we are all making money by posting messages etc… but is this, the only reason why we are here? Is it just money that we are all looking for? Don’t you think people should be rated for thier comments and the yes of course if you feel some advice or posting has been the best then don't you think we should RATE BEST RESPONSES it would encourage the our members to probably post more postings that make sense rather than just post one liners like " I agree with you" "You are correct i feel the same" etc.. We have users on mylot telling us about their experiences like, their pregnancy issues, service issues, employment issues, kids, babies, mothers, family, friend, love, work, doctor, medicine, money, animals, cats, dogs and a lot more I think its time we acknowledge the people who reply to all our woes and sorrows. Rate postings, acknowledge them or even rate them as best responses if the response is good and if it really made sense, doing this will encourage our fellow users make them feel happy, get a smile on their face just to know that someone somewhere benefited with something you said. We are not looking for praise but humanity. I don’t think this is too much of an effort, do you?
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@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
7 Dec 06
I am trying to reply to all the postings i get but i have to admit that i am falling a little behind coz I in the last days have gotten quite a few responses - but i ma working on it =)
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@weemam (13377)
12 Mar 07
I agree with you I read AND rate all of my responses , I do my best responses too , I note a lot of people don't , I think it is a nice was to say thanks for taking the time to respond , I think a lot of people just post for them money and never go back to the responses at all , I couldn't do that xx
• United States
7 Apr 07
I do take the time to rate the best responses. I may not do them right away simply because I like to give enough time for people to respond. I feel that I have gotten a lot of good advice from people and I value the advice I am given so it is only fair that I would pick out the best one after a reasonable amount of time of the discussion being up.