Do you consider yourself "high maintenance"?

@ModelMom (129)
United States
December 7, 2006 3:03pm CST
I should, if you want to stereotype the kind of people that are in mt profession. I have worked as a fashion model for over 6 years, but I am actually very low maintenance. I rarely get anything done professionally. I cut my own hair, do my own nails....not that I wouldn't enjoy a day at a spa getting my hair, toes & hands taken care of profesionally, but I can just think of too many other things, like paying off debts, etc. that I can do with the money. I also take no time getting ready. I'm a total t-shirt and jeans girl, pull my hair back into a ponytail, lip gloss and that is it. It's so much easier being low-main.! :-)
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@cvarvell (1116)
• United States
7 Dec 06
yes, I consider myself high maintenance. I am a shopaholic. Especially where Qvc is concerned. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much i've spent this year with them just on clothes and shoes for me. I usually get my shampoo at qvc as well(20$ for 2 bottles). I like Bath and body works lotion and liquid hand soap.
@icequeen (2843)
• Canada
7 Dec 06
No...I don't think I am..but my boyfriend would probably disagree. I also do my own nails and hair..because no one cuts it the way I want it...and I don't like paying to get my nails done..when I can do it myself. I have got them done once professionally and that was because my boyfriend got me a gift certificate....
@hm1177 (1223)
7 Dec 06
no i don't think i am although my boyfriend might disagree! I like my hair to look nice and wear mascara and lip gloss every day but i'm certainly not one of those girls that takes hours to get ready for a night out.