mah 110 transformation

December 7, 2006 6:17pm CST
Guess Wut~ yeah, i went to tanning salon and now, i"m dat dark ===++++====++++=== in general, asian ppl said asians look better w/ lighter skin tone, so? i mean... what"s wrong w/ darker skin? it looks healthy!*sigh* i was pretty frustrated when ppl ask me if im filipina hell no~ im freaking chinese, C-H-I-N-E-S-E! LOL, later on, i found it"s pretty hilarious to "embarrass" those nosy ppl n im pretty much get used to it and not making dat much big deal out of it i still think every one should be treated the same way, no matter ur age, gender, ethnic, or religion. yeah yeah yeah~ blah blah blah~ anyways, here"s some more random pix, got mah hair fix far so good. mah new hair cut ducky making rice cake more ducky THE END
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