Thanks Mom??

December 7, 2006 7:34pm CST
To be honest .. Kinda forget how to say "thank you" to you .. "Cause you always do the things as obligation .. Kinda forget how to say "please" to you .. "Cause you don"t want anything back in return for the things you"ve done for me . Kinda forget how to say "sorry" to you .. "Cause you surly forgive me no matter how badly i hurt you .. .... But there has the only thing on earth.. I counld never ever forget it .. You "re definitely the greatest Mom for us .. You spend your whole efforts,whole life taking good care of us .. When i was small , you worried about my education .. When i grow up , you worry about my career .. It seems you"ve never taken like a break in your life for not thinking of me .. You always try your best to protect me from the disease , even though you"re the one who is more vulnerable than me to get the sickness.. Oh ..god .. how can i find the exact word to express my deepest thanks to you .. I really really appreciate mom ..for everything you"ve done for me .. Please don"t worry about me , i am strong than you think i am .. And ,You"re better than you think you"re .. Happy for the coming mother "s day ..and good health .. Kids love you forever..
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