What do you like and what do you hate in your country ?

@crazyrk (818)
December 7, 2006 9:28pm CST
I live at Brazil. Well, I like the people of my country that are creative, hospitable and there is no racism here. I hate the taxes of Brazil, the most expensive of the world ! No, Brazil isn't as violent as show at the film "Turistas", the turism here is great ! Bye bye, crazyrk.
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@paule4129 (968)
• United States
12 Dec 06
i live in the us and wish they would spend more on helpin people at home cause they sure send alot of money away to other countries to solve problems and they still havent helped the ones at home i feel like a tax number instead a person its easier to get in debt without permission than get ahead makes you depressed and want to give up no more pride in america that spends more and soaks it out of the poor more than the rich now if your debts arent current your a prisoner in your own country no passport or chances for school or credit seems all one sided and out of control freedom has disapeared from this life and only the rich get to enjoy freedom as we all should now bush makes more debt and makes more laws to get it out of us and take away are rights so people that want to come to america beware of the vacume of credit and aid it will get you so stuck youll wish for the simple life you had before you moved im pissed at this losin battle