Open Source Cell Phone?

@shayneyu (212)
December 7, 2006 9:45pm CST
Many are aware of the Homebrew Computer Club and its place in early Apple History. Today the beginnings of a new technical revolution are brewing. The Homebrew Mobile Phone Club hopes to create an open source mobile device called the "TuxPhone". There is already a functional version of the device. However, it is only a prototype. There are plans to make a schematic that anyone with basic solding equipment can constuct. Equipment costs are estimated at $400. The OS for the device will be linux based and several people have plans to host opensource download sites for games, music, and other downloads which currently cost anything from a few cents to a few dollars for free. Who knows, perhaps, once the final version is released, Opera will release a version of Opera Mobile for it. Until then Mini will probbly be compatible. I know that I will be wanting to build one when it is complete
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