orkut main source of anti islamic communities

@humaaaa (1387)
December 7, 2006 10:21pm CST
Any discussion groups and forums are best place for people to express their ideas and interact with different people around the world. In these forums one can gain alot of knowledge and speard his/her own ideas to everyone who likes to read his posts and topics. But there are black sheeps everywhere who ruin the basic benifit which we get from these forums. The worst thing from which not only me but all the Muslims are disapointed that many Anti Islamic communities lie on orkut to which Google is not taking any proper action except for deleting them when they are voted as bogus. These communities contain Extriemly harsh words for our dear Religion, Allah and our Prophet Hazrath Mohammad (Peace By Upon Him). Muslims can do the same and make communities like this for other, but Islam doesn't allow to throw stones on any religion or any other person so it would be the biggest curse over Muslims and there would be no difference between us and those who made these communities. I beg these people to be afraid of the end, and please quit critising Muslims.
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