December 8, 2006 12:06am CST
More than I year ago, I wasn't able to go to school because of dizziness and chest pains. I was rushed to the nearest hospital when I fainted. After an hour of examination and tests, the doctor who examined me told us that my heart is abnormally slow. She told me that at my age of 21, it's not good that my heart rate is just down to 57. I was under medication for half a year but it didn't improve my health. I consulted other doctors but somehow, nobody could tell me what's really wrong with my heart. The first one thinks I have rheumatic heart disease, the second one told me that its a possible myocardial heart condition, the third one said not to worry, I'm not ill, then when I went to a clinic to complain another chest pain and numbness in my chest and left arm, the doctor told me that it's possible that I have arrhythmia! Now I'm really confused! I just want to stop the usual chest pains I've been suffering for months...can somebody please give me advise?
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