@ardnas69 (174)
United States
December 8, 2006 12:26am CST
It seems to me that some crimes seem as if they have more of a racial stereotype depending on the type of crime. I mean, if you have ever thought about,and I will go by the area I live in, which is the south, and the information from national news, there just seems to be certain stereotypes associated with certain crimes.For instance, I will start actually with a gender type crime and the killing of children. Recently the tragedy with the young girls in the amish schoolhouse reminds me that this type of crime is usually committed by white males. Like I said,usually, and this is just from news sources that I have heard about crimes of these sorts. Think about any of the school killings, even the teenagers,most have been white males. However, on the other side of this gender is females and when we know of several cases of women killing their children. And it always seems to be the along the same lines of crime. A mass killing of several children and pleading insane. Moving on, and I will just speak for what I know about the crime rates in and around my state, it seems as if most of the robberies in my area are performed by black males. Not all ,but a good percentage. And then on the other side of the scale, a good many convicted child molestors in my area are white males. But of course those are only the ones that have been caught and are registered. And then you have the gangs,and of course there are still the white gangs and black gangs and now latino gangs. And some are a mixture that allow anybody in.And what about mobsters? Of course the Italians of New York have that reputation. As far as murders go in my area, I would probably say that may be about the same because I live in a small community. And for what I believe may be one of the worst problems facing America today,the war on drugs,it is really hard to say. I know of alot of people that would say it is young black men pushing these drugs and that may be so. But it is being smuggled into the states somehow and somebody is making a fortune off of it. It doesnt matter who is selling them, I just hope they all get caught for the future of this country and the future of our children. No matter what race or gender, crime doesnt pay.
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