the future of aviation..

@tavish (47)
December 8, 2006 1:36am CST
do you think the big aircraft manufacturers should look at moving larger numbers of people around the world or moving less people to their destinations faster?? i think the future of air travel lies in moving larger numbers of people around the globe. airbus made the right decision in building the A380 which has a larger capacity to carry people as opposed to carrying less people faster...
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29 Jan 07
Hello Tavish I kind of respectfully disagree with you. I think a lot of airlines and business models have changed in recent years from hub and spoke systems to point to point travel. With the hub and spoke system you fly big aircraft into the hub, then have smaller planes to feed off into the regional airports. For point to point flying you tend to have smaller planes flying direct routes to the regional airports without going to the hub. Point to point is therefore much easier for the traveller, because they don't have to stop off, their journey is direct. However as with all systems it's not perfect. There may be fewer airlines able to operate on point to point routes, which means higher fares. I think you'll likely see the A380 on routes where a mass air movement of people is necessary such as Europe to Asia/Australia etc. There will be a place for both types of travel so long as the passengers want it the airlines will want to fly it and the airplane makers will continue to build for it.