why do you not believe in God

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December 8, 2006 2:38am CST
I am interested in only the reasons why you do not believe in God.. what went wrong in your life for you to just stop believing. why are you mad at God?
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8 Dec 06
Well I am not mad at god nor do I not believe in god. My husband and I are both Christians a belive very much. I would like to see the answer to this question though as well
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9 Dec 06
Ok what is up with this... we have all these people on here stating they dont believe in God but none of you want to step forward and tell the truth, where are you all hiding. I want to know what happend in your lives. I see alot of you posting that you dont believe in God and give answers that are less than true... well heres your chance to really tell the truth ...Vent it out Tell me why
@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
11 Dec 06
For me all the gods concepts I saw/read were contradictory. For example, the all-knowing christian god. If he knows all, there is no free will. If there is free will then he doesn´t knows all and is not all powerful, which are part of his descriptions. But it is a minor thing. I will list the reasons for the christian god and if need extrapolate to other gods. Biblical contradictions. The Problem of evil in the world. Total lack of evidence or proof of god actions/presence/miracles. There are, for me, explanations for the world that doesn´t need any gods on it.