I prove police officer to be illiterate. they take a day to write one statement.

@sandoo (223)
September 18, 2006 10:33am CST
Police officers often time proves to be illiterate. Their communication skills are bad and they treats the complainant as the criminal, or wrong doer when theygo to make a report. Whats your experience with police officers?
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@tishabest (602)
• Belgium
28 Sep 06
I've had a few run-ins with law enforcement demonstrating but generally speaking they are not all that bad. True not every officer is good with people but I certainly don't think they're illiterate.
@sandoo (223)
• Jamaica
6 Oct 06
If you see my face, you will love it. Sorry your are not a cop. lol
• Belgium
7 Oct 06
I can play cop if you want LOL. Show me!
• China
29 Sep 06
Depends where you come from, country cops can be very understanding but there's good ones and bad ones everywhere. Besides with your use of English and spelling I wouldn't make too much of the illiterate issue if I were you. :)
• Canada
5 Oct 06
Don't worry...you don't have to spell good on the internet...but a cop that is a bit dumb...that's more troublesome..cops that I've seen aren't too bad.
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