developing the matrix

December 8, 2006 4:21am CST
Hello everyone... Is there anyone who is interested in developing the Matrix for real...Can we make the film come true.... anyone with me in this endaevour of mine?
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• India
8 Dec 06
well i m a computer engg. and let me introduce u to some facts. If u were to use the entire universe's memory then also u wouldnt have enough memory to develop the matrix in the real sense. however u can approximate the matrix by building a limited version. that too easier said than done would require you millions of dollars and time and effort. r u ready ?
• India
13 Dec 06
Haha I do know that it is very dificult.but my way of thinking of matrix is to be able to connect a person's mind to the computer......I do think that you can do this since you are a computer engg.... well well once we make a start at that point by controlling the computer actions using the mind's thoughts..I mean if u read the thoughts you can as well read it using electromagnetic sensors and then connect to the computer using various electronic devices....hope you understood.....d....... anyways where do u live and study....doing which year in engg....
• United States
6 Oct 08
In the future anything is possible