presidential elections in America(2008)

December 8, 2006 4:52am CST
I am sure President Bush will continue to suffer for what he has done during his six years tenure, As v all witnessed his insulting defeat in those Mid-Term elections,now i personally think not only bush but whole republican party will suffer in the upcoming elections. what u think abt it?
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@janet069 (663)
• United States
8 Dec 06
Bush does not have enough sense to suffer. He is America's joke. The thing I can't figure out is all I hear is how people dislike him so much but yet he was elected to not only 1 but 2 terms. Technically he lost on popular votes in first time but the 2nd time was clearly legal. I voted so I have the right to complain. Also, it is hard to insult an idiot.
• Pakistan
8 Dec 06
excellent ma friend! he has no sense to suffer, but we all are sufferring at his hands!
@shestalou (293)
• Canada
4 Jun 07
Bush literally stole the elections, remember Florida the Jeb Bush state, the election system is a bit of a joke right now, I think the Bushes are starting to feel the backlash, Jeb lost Florida with daddy weeping and little George lost to the democrats. I think the republicans will suffer in the next elections but I would love to see Ron Paul take it, the media is so afraid of him, they are trying to say his supporters spam the polls thats why he wins in the internet polls, he wins because he is not afraid to say how the government is really run.
• United Arab Emirates
8 Dec 06
well i hope he does not continue!hes just kept killing innocent people!!! well i actuly wish he loses!!!!and gest out as soon as possible!!i hate Him!!!!