do you had been to the fell not so good?

December 8, 2006 6:03am CST
maybe you had see a person that you not like.the partys is funny wirh the re4aly friends
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8 Dec 06
i went to a party sat night and i felt horrible as my ex boyfriend was there, his new girlfriend was there too and she did not realise who i was and she was drunk and she kept hugging me. I just wanted to go home but my friends wanted to stay My ex boyfriend kept aking me back everytime his girlfriend was out of earshot and he said that he still loves me. Him and his girlfriend got into a row because she accused him of fancing me becasue he was ignoring her! I was glad when i left that party, i have not seen my ex since and i really dont wish too again
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• Romania
8 Dec 06
i'm sorry for you.i hope at next party you enjoy.thank you for the answer.have a nice chrystmas!!
@anne_143god (5390)
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
Yes, I been in om\ne party which I really regret that I wish I should not attend on that party for a very disgusting moments happends to me.