If god come infront of you what will you ask to god?

December 8, 2006 6:51am CST
i think i will ask give me what ever i want
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@00fear (3209)
• United States
18 Mar 07
if he came in front of me ill ask him to please give me friends so i can hangout with. ill also ask him to go back in time and have a lot of cousins my age. i am the only one being the same age. all of my youngest and oldest cousins are the same age and hangout with each other. i have to be the only one hanging with some youngest cousins.
• India
5 Jan 07
i say thank u for his presence.
@stailgate (2363)
• United States
1 Jan 07
If God came before me, I would ask him for nothing personal for I believe that life here is a blink of an eye. I would tell him in person that he is my GOD, and beg for forgiveness for whatever I may have done so that when I die, I may ask him for entrence into his kingdom.
• United States
20 Dec 06
If god comes' infront of me i would ask him something that i really want in my life.
@moneymind (10521)
• Philippines
14 Dec 06
if god appear before me, i will ask him what is he doing here on earth. greetings. : )
@pusibaba (1010)
• India
8 Dec 06
If god comes in front of me i will ask him four things. Firstly ,i will ask him to make me the richest man of the world.Secondly, I will ask him to keep me away from bad spirits.Thirdly, I will ask him to transform me into a good human being who gives alms to the poor. Fourthly, I will ask him to give me a good looking beautiful girl friend who would me wife later. If these dreams are not fulfilled I only want that god give enough referrals so that I can earn better in mylot.I pray to god regularly and says to him that please give me good ideas fo quality post discussions in mylot
@expect007 (360)
• India
8 Dec 06
i will make a simple and humble wish to make me a god.....then no need to worry about anything i would get whatever i want...........
@fabrietto (487)
• Italy
8 Dec 06
If God come infront me i think that i'll ask him: "what is the meaning of MY life"?
@exchange (949)
• Australia
8 Dec 06
in english please