Is Winnie the Pooh Girl or Boy?

Winnie The Pooh - Winnie the Pooh
December 8, 2006 10:28am CST
I really can't figure it out if Pooh is a girl or a boy. how about you Guys do?
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@ganda11 (320)
• Philippines
8 Dec 06
Winnie - Is winnie a boy or a girl? Hmmm.... Let's ask piglet about it. :)
maybe he is a boy?!!? but not so sure. hehehe!!! Let's ask winnie's friends. what do they think.
• Philippines
20 Dec 06
ok, let's ask piglet or eeyore about it. :)
@delina123 (2455)
• Canada
8 Dec 06
I am that sure winnie the pooh is a boy. He sounds like a boy
• Philippines
14 Dec 06
winnie sounds like a boy but winnie's attitude is more like on a girl.
@amy0214 (1513)
• United States
8 Dec 06
winnie the pooh is a boy
• Philippines
11 Dec 06
thank you for your opinion.
@platypus (336)
• Italy
8 Dec 06
i never thought about that.... i think he is a boy, but i would not be surprised to find out he is..something in between! who knows?!? :)
• Philippines
9 Dec 06
maybe he/she is? tnx
• Hungary
4 Aug 09
Winnie the pooh, is a boy! Before he was refeared to as Edward Bear... "Winnie the Pooh" was the name of the 1st storycollection wich came out in 1926. Most of thhe people prefeared "Winnie the Pooh", so by the time there were cartoons coming out, his name was changed to that. by Allstarhun
@shynie (556)
• Philippines
21 Apr 08
Winnie the pooh is a boy. In books and stories about Winnie the Pooh, they refer the character as HIM.
@quawertz (781)
• Philippines
31 Dec 07
When I was a little younger, my friends and I believed that Pooh is a girl. But as of today, I have made my research and I just found out that Pooh is a guy. I looked around Disney's site about Winnie the Pooh and they refer Pooh as him. So I guess Pooh is a guy, and I guess I was fooled when I was little for thinking that he is a she.. Buhuhu!!!!
• Philippines
29 Dec 07
hello kito5ht, ahm, for me i think winnie the pooh is a boy.hahahaha,beause i know his voice is sounds like a boy.and i really like him so much, reanicah
@Croquetilla (1817)
• Spain
16 Nov 07
i think that is boy but have actitud sweet for the children. And somepeople for this can think that is a girl
@ericajoyce (1748)
• Philippines
4 Nov 07
winnie the pooh  - My favorite is Winnie The Pooh because he is cute, cuddly and always lends a helping hand to his friends.
Hello kitotsht. I think Pooh is a boy. He's name my sound like a girl but, he is definitely a boy.
• Philippines
27 Jun 07
sure thing he's a boy! at first i can't believe it but when my son started to like him then i know that he is coz i search everything and anything about winnie the pooh. u can also knew it the way he talks and play with he's friends at hundred acre woods.
@sj_chaudhry (1538)
• Canada
13 Dec 06
i think Winnie the Pooch is a boy, his name sounds like girly but his appearance doesnt seems like girl... so i think he is a boy.. :-p