you sleep good?have a dreams or a nightmare?

December 8, 2006 4:33pm CST
in all night i have dreams.sometime is nightmare.that is life
2 responses
• Indonesia
8 Dec 06
i have good quality sleep. i rarely get a nightmare. My favorite dreams is eating and traveling to a nice place.
• South Africa
8 Dec 06
I have terrible nightmares every night! Every night I dream that the world is ending, but it is always ending in a different way. Sometimes the world is on fire, or buildings start collapsing or even bomber planes start obliterating the world. It's very hectic! I read somewhere that dreaming the world is ending symbolizes a fear of impending change - which makes sense for me becuase my mother has cancer... maybe in my subconscious I have to deal with the world ending to prepare for what might happen with my mother? Dreams really interest me - I think we can learn a lot from them!