December 8, 2006 7:57pm CST
Its a scenario which no one wants to be party with.Before i got married i been in couple of passionte relationship and my wife never new about them as it realy doesnt matter. After couple of years one my ex came back intomy life when she came back from USA after getting her divorced. We met in a social occasion (she known to my family and she happen to be best friend of my sister) and frankly her presence made me uncomfortable i introduced to her to my wife and after that in couple of occasion she drooped in my place to meet me and my wife. After few meeting i could guess her presence do effect me and she needs some one to open up and i guessed that its dangerous game so i told my wife about her and she was mad as hell. I could never know would it have been best to let my wife know about me and her while i introduced her to my wife or i should have shut up and cold shouldered my ex?
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• Singapore
30 Dec 06
wow! this is a very sticky should have tell your wife when you first introduce both of them to each other..and to be honest, i would be mad if im your wife too. to avoid facing the same situation as you, i chose to tell my bf every single thing about my that in the future, should we bump into them, it wont be so how's everything now?
• India
31 Dec 06
Well finaly some one responded to my discussion here and I am much relived what to do in such situation in life(i hope it dosent happen again)and you are right I was an idiot rather not sure about how to handle it.