are you living just to survive?

@ajlien (36)
December 8, 2006 9:41pm CST
There were group of foxes in the nearby valley discussing among themselves what would be their lunch for the day. Out from no where, they spotted a rabbit in the green side of the valley. One of the foxes proudly says, "Yummy! This would be my menu for lunch, you bet?" It said to the other fox. "Really? Can you bring that rabbit for your lunch?" Reply by one of the foxes. "Yah, I promise." After such conversation, the chasing had begun. The fox tried it's best to capture the rabbit but it cannot get its objective. Five hours had passed but the fox still running but it then quit. The rabbit gone in the forest and disappeared. What do you think why the fox did not captured the rabbit? The reason is quite obvious - they have a different prospective. The fox was running only for its LUNCH but on the part of the rabbit, it was for its LIFE. What about you fiend, are you running only just for your luch (living) or running for a better life? According to latest economic survey of our government, Almost 30% to 40% of average Filipino family is under the poverty line. The majority of Filipinos does not only see, smell, taste, touch, and hear poverty - they breathe it everyday. This is really a big concern. How can we develop a strong republic if the economic welfare of its citizenry is not healthy? Poverty is indeed one of the foremost problems we have to address and solve. I beleive that are root cause of poverty lies itself in our "internal core values". In order to change the present economic condition of our country - we must change our view and perception on how we see the world. Each of us should empower one another. It is through proper MIND-SET and EMPOWERMENT that we can improve the quality of living in order to have a strong republic. And that CHANGE should start from every one of us. -fox and the rabbit-
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9 Dec 06
i live for eat? why eat? eat for survive.