bridegroom for a girl with problems

@atjustin (207)
September 18, 2006 8:15pm CST
a person i know is looking for a eligible bachelor for his daughter...the problem is tht the girl is under medication and he is not ready to tell the prospective bridegroom what he is doing right?....even if he does tell the truth do you think anyone would come forward to marry his girl....
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@vengeance (262)
• India
19 Sep 06
lets say ... its all in the game. when we look at the issue from the fathers angle, we are looking at a desperate situation where we (the father) requires relief. we know that there is no way that we can keep the girl unmarried, coz today even nuns are taken into service after great tests. so the only alternative that we find is to get the girl married as fast as possible. there are many type of people in this world, kind generous, impulsive, etc etc. all teh father can do is to find a guy (hope for a guy) who is ready to help one in need ie even if he gets to know the matter after marriage, he should not ditch her and be true and faithful. this is what the father can pray for. on the other hand if someone feels that (the groom) he has been cheated and asks for a divorce, all the father can do is bend down his head and accept. i hope u guys agree with me....
@imlex1 (116)
19 Sep 06
given they could be married a long time it would only seem fair and decent to let the 'groom' in on this secret,,he may not mind if she is well but on medication but to deceive someone in this way is not a good idea,,it isnt the father who will face the music if she gets poorly is it.
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
19 Sep 06
I don't think what he is doing is right. If he does find someone to marry her, then they find out about the lie (I am sure it wouldn't take long) they will feel as if they have been betrayed and not want to remain in the marriage. It is better for him to be up front and find someone who wants to be with his daughter for herself.