Heart broken wat to do

December 8, 2006 10:45pm CST
Matt looked at him and let go of me I had no clue what was going to happen...What had I started? I hoped they wouldnt fight. They had hard faces on...they looked extremely mad. I was very scared."Hey....is this your chick" The man said"Yes shes mine" Matt said walking towards him"Why did she except my number then?" The man said matt looked at me in disgust. I almost wanted to cry."Your chick is quite the ease" He said"Really? and why si that?" Matt said"Because I thought I was gonna have a girlfriend but obviously thats not happening" he replied"You better leave right now or I swear to god something will happen." Matt said"Both of you STOP!"I screamed They both turned their heads towards me with a shocked look on theur face."I'm sorry I accepted your number I didnt want to be rude...but I love Matt im sorry..im just one girl there is no reason in all of this god forsaken earth that two men should be fighting over me IM NO PRIZE" I screamed The man left as he threw his cigarette on my shoe I guess that ment go to hell..but I didnt care."Im so sorry matt I didnt mean to" I said"Shhhh its ok dont worry" He said patting the back of my head asa a lone tear let loose from my eye. He took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders he was quite the gentlemen. I stood there and smiled, the tear on my face still tring to escape my pale cheek. He smiled back and wiped it away. He walked me over to the tour bus and we sat inside it was much warmer in there. We talked for a while and soon enough the band entered the bus."Sarah I have a question for you" Matt said"Yes what is it?" I said"Would you go on tour with us?" He asked"I would love to when do we leave for the next place?" I said"Actually tommorow we are going back to the hotel packing our stuff and leaving bright and early in the moring." Matt said"Where will she sleep though?" Adam said"She can share a bunk with me" Matt said"Isnt that a little too small?" Adam said"The smaller the better" I said Michelle entered the bus...
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