The 4 vs. 40 years PLAN (This concept will accelerate your RETIREMENT PLAN at soonest possible time.)

@ajlien (36)
December 8, 2006 11:33pm CST
No matter what status are you enjoying right now or no matter what profession are you involved in – if you just work this business with full-commitment, discipline, perseverance and with great faith in HIM, you can achieve your objective at the earliest possible time. With HIM, Nothing is impossible. Learn and realized the difference between Small money and Big money. P10,000/mo x 12 mo. = P120,000 x 40 years = P4.8M P100,000/mo. x 12 mo. = P1,200,000 x 4 years = P4.8M Time saved 36 YEARS Observe, if you are earning today P10,000 per month and continue to earn it in the next 40 years, you can only accumulate a total of P4,800,000 income for one lifetime. At first glance, this is big money but you will realize that all of your daily expenses and budget are coming from your P10,000 monthly income. Too small from which you can save and invest or nothing at all. On the other hand, if you are earning P100,000 per month in your business and continue to earn it until you reach P4,800,000 – you have spend only 4 solid years. And you also come up with the same result. But the major point here is that you can save 36 working years. You will retire young and wealthy. You can plan now to enjoy a more quality, more abundant and blessed life far better. You can re-create your destiny and noble dreams again and again to fulfill the highest purpose of living. Why spend 40 years of working if you can achieve your life dreams in just 4 years? This concept will accelerate your RETIREMENT PLAN at soonest possible time.
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