United States
December 8, 2006 11:37pm CST
First, I would like to point out that many young people join gangs for far more reasons than we can imagine. Some only to get their parents attention (whom might be on drugs or working too much). Others for protection from a rival gang. Some to save there own lives and the lives of their families; members force them into joining gangs. Alot find out quick, after joining, what a gang really is, it doesn't come printed on the inside of their mothers wombs, and they try to get out; however, in order to escape some gangs, one would have to move and keep watch over their shoulders. Some exit rituals involve the death of the one wanting out. Some just extra angery because of the abandonment they feel while they group beat the kid, no less than five or more than 25 --*on average* -- depending on the size of the gang. Second, I'd like to ask if anyone believes that those who have escaped the gangs and whould serve time for what they have done, do you think that something like a post-gang-college, or school of sorts, that teaches one how to act in society (so that they would be accepted) why they should act differently in public than at home and a few other things that some preschool teachers failed to get across (no joke I met a man who was in his early twenties who did not know how to make a long distance phone call[he understood 1-prefix-suffix and areacode-prefix-suffix but could not figure and no one thought to tell him to put them together]. If you think that a system kinda like 'guns for cash' would work. Turn yourself in and get shipped off to a saver place; trying not to put people in places where they reported gangs violently forcing them into gangs. Get a trial and so on. Maybe a college designed for former gangs like a school with the above mentioned inculded along side actual classes, rehab, and etiquett classes. Maybe some wealthy bloat should open a free college for those who finances and parents finances are below a certain amount according to the min wadge with all of the above classes. Is this country to selfish? Did you know the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, as it did right before the great depression. Is our second upon us?
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@sweetcakes (3505)
• United States
15 Dec 06
Do not join gangs, hang out with gang members, wear gang colors or gang-type clothing, or use gang symbols or hand signs. This is a problem of image. If you look like a gang member or are seen with a gang member, rival gangs cannot tell the difference between you and the real gang member. You have a very good chance of being the innocent target of violent gang behavior
• Canada
11 Dec 06
Personally I have not grown up in an area where gangs and gang related crimes are a big problem but I have seen documentaries about these problems in the inner cities. My guess that the initial motivation for being a gang member is to have a sense of belonging, to be with one of the crowd or perhaps just plain peer pressure. Perhaps also it may be safer to be in the inside of one of these gangs rather than the outside. I do realize it is a problem in our society. Groups of renegades are harder to manage individual law breakers. This puts a lot of stress on our law enforcement. Hopefully in time, things will change. Seems to me things are better now than they used to be in the old days, (remember the movie Gangs of New York). Perhaps in time we will all become more educated, more conscience of our surrounding, and more spiritual as a human race. Until then I think it is best to just be as "aware" as we can without brushing our nations problems under the rug when convenient.
@Sir_bobby88 (8245)
• Singapore
9 Dec 06
I think we should not join gangs no matter what ... they could be good to us in the first place , but they might harm us in another way .... There is no free things in the world unless you work for it yea but surely not for gangs
@milestone (787)
• India
9 Dec 06
Everybody takes there own respective steps for making the living. Earning good is all that matters. I dont find any harm being a gang member as such. Until and Unless you are not trying to hurt someone physically and emotionally. Cheers