What do you think on reservation on the basis of cast?

December 8, 2006 11:48pm CST
In my opinion no society can come up with the help of reservation. Ok for certain period its ok. But not always. Every society should throw away the clutches they use for living as soon as possible. I decided for myself not to use cast certificate for anything in my life. What about you?
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• India
9 Dec 06
I do agree with you. Every society may have reservations for a certain period. No society can progress with the help of reservations for a long period. Just like a baby, you can hold its hand till it can walk on its own. Afterwards you can not hold its hand. Likewise, every society can progress only after, when it starts on its own. Actually, such society memebers themselves must feel ashamed of getting reservations fur a long time. They should feel that these reservations, one day or other can hinder their progress.