what r u doing 2 save ENVIRONMENT?

December 9, 2006 3:03am CST
With the increase in number of vehicles,,home appliances,,plastic our environment is in big trouble..We all seem 2 b worried about it but doing very little 2 save it.. We all need good environment 2 survive..So we should take some steps forward 2 make our future safe.. The only specy on earth have ability 2 destroy or 2 save it.. So what side r u on? if u want 2 save it then u r almost doing something let me know about it.. I do plant trees near my house,,take care of them.. I do use solar cookers .. I dont use bikes 2 go somewhere nearer.. I dont take polythene bags from grocerries prefer paperbags.. What preventive measures r u taking?
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@deviljin (33)
• India
27 Dec 06
no man as india is concern we cant do those impossible tasks....plz dont thing greak of india.......thts what we r lacking...no one would come with us exept for money....thts the thing happening in india.....