What do you like least about your country?

@ru88en (2997)
December 9, 2006 8:58am CST
Is there a way that you can help improve it?
4 responses
@abednego7 (1060)
• Philippines
9 Dec 06
crab mentality, its a cancer that slowly kills our country. Hope someday we find a cure for this social ailment.
@ezzrssi (11197)
• Italy
9 Dec 06
mmm i really don't know
• United States
9 Dec 06
I live in the United States where everything need to be worked on!! Don't get me wrong, I love my country and glad to be here. But the cost of living in my state is very high, a lot than higher than most states here. Homes are way too high in costs as well. Another thing that I would like to see changed is the schools. Public schools are not doing very well here. For us being one of the wealthiest states in the USA, our education should be top notch too. Sadly, it isn't and the rate of high school drop-outs is too high.
@maddog108 (3441)
• Australia
9 Dec 06
theres too many laws so many its hard to know them all