the love for power

December 9, 2006 10:41am CST
do you like politics? will you have plans to run and be part of it? do you think being a politician makes a difference...? i keep on asking those questions and it hurts me a lot to see my country philippines guided by megalomaniacs who wanted power much more than god... there are extreme faces in this country either you are so rich, or you are under poverty... most is poor i say, and we are all suffering from it while politicians race to the positions and grab what it takes if theres more for them to grab... this is a very nice country, theres so much of wonder and hidden richness that never and will never be discovered for a good cause.. i just want reactions of regarding craving for power.. people are suffering while they sit in luxury and eat with all the dishes they want. and the other side even sleeps empty stomach and waking up still nothing to eat.. what do you think is the way? can this be stopped? or will be dying and having our next generations die as same rotting government?... i wanna hear your voices thanks...^_^
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