Divorced, but is this the right thing what my friend doing?

@anjuscor (1266)
December 9, 2006 10:47am CST
My best friend is 30 years old now. She got married at her age of 27. She was working as a journalist, when she got married. It was a love marriage. Her husband started suspecting her, just because she comes late in the night. She is not the girl, who demands for something. She wanted to be happy with her guy. But she never tolerated the pain he was causing, after two years they got seperated and divorced. Now she would like to change her way to the one she was suspected for. She was suspected by her husband, as she sleeps with her colleagues for fun. it has affected her very badly. Now she would like to show him that she can do that too if she wants to. She has already started making out with her colleagues in BPO field.So i do not know what the best could be said to her. Whether to marry someone,making out with someone, stay alone, adopt some kid, or love someone? What could be the option? She is still younger, just 30 years old. She has to enjoy her life, and she needs a partner too. When i ask her to love someone and marry, she tells me that she has gone through a lot of pain, so she doesnt want to go through the same again.She is not ready to marry someone. She is not ready to adopt a kid until she gets one for her own. Is there any options available for this girl? Which one will work out, without hurting herself and lives happily here after? Please suggest, i would like to see her liveing happily. What can be done from my end?
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@phon4u (2217)
• Laos
4 Jan 07
You cannot take the medition for her. please ask her opinion frist what does she like and dislike.
@mvsrao (4367)
• India
11 Dec 06
as I understand it : today's fum can lead to tomorrows curse . Her health doesnt remain good forever . she must stop relations with other men and should marry a understanding man ... you can explain it to her in a convincing manner and help her in selecting a best person for the marriage .