Are You help me if You understand ?

December 9, 2006 10:53am CST
was in a relationship with my son's father he was very verbally abusive and emotionally badgered me. He never laid a hand on me, yet it seemed no diferent to me because of the immense pain he inflicted to my heart and mind day and night. During this time i was very unhappy. I decided to stay with relative for a bit to change the scenerie and view of where I was closed in. Besides all of this my children were affected by this. With all this being said I was not allowed to give him my relatives information due to his behavior. My son's father continues to harrase me and emotionally badger me through text.he asks to see his son but i'm unaware of his actions as far as being around him.He is always threatening to take me to court.I don't want to put my children through anymore confusion.Going to court is not necessary because i want him in my sons life and don't mind allowing him access, but he continues to verbally abuse me and pop up at my relatives.Whats his issue?What should i do?
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