Today in Medieval History 9 December

@starr4all (2865)
December 9, 2006 11:46am CST
Good Morning! It is Saturday December 9, 2006 Happy Birthday to... In 1482 Frederick "the Wise," Elector Palantine of the Rhine In 1561 Sir Edmund Sandys In 1594 Gustavus II Adolphus, King of Sweden In 1608 John Milton On this day... In 0297 Martyrdom of Sts. Hipparchus and Philotheus In 0535 Belisarius takes Rome In 0627 NINEVEH (Heraclius defeats Persians) In 0656 BATTLE OF THE CAMEL (Ali defeats opponents) In 0861 Murder of Mutawakkil, Caliph of Baghdad In 1165 Death of Malcolm IV, King of Scotland In 1212 Coronation of Frederick II as King of Germany In 1221 INDUS (Defeat of Jelal-ud-Din by Ghengis Khan) In 1315 Foundation of the Swiss Confederacy (2nd Everlasting League) In 1437 Death of Sigsimund, King of Hungary, Bohemia, Germany and Lombardy, and Emperor of Rome In 1469 Death of Fra Filippo Lippi In 1565 Death of Pope Pius IV In 1621 The "Fortune Theater" destroyed by fire in London In 1640 Death of St. Peter Fourier In 1640 Banishment of Hugh Bewitt from the Massachusetts Colony for declaring himself free of Original Sin In 1641 Death of Anthony Van Dyck, painter
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