Do You Have a Mentor?? Or Someone You Look Up to??

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December 9, 2006 12:37pm CST
If so, who is it and what have they done to inspire your life?
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@brokentia (10396)
• United States
9 Dec 06
I can't say that I have a mentor. I wish I did to help me put some of th aspects of my life together. Sometimes life can be so trying and to have a mentor, the person would be someone that would help you put things in perspective. But I am inspired by my children. I have a teen that is always negative about everything. This reminds me to keep looking to the brighter side of things and to try to get him to change that in himself. My other teen does have the positive outlook...very grounded. She inspires me to continue to look forward and things in our past teach us. Wow...I have taught her well and she continues to teach me. My youngest son has been through so much in his little life. He inspires me to love more and love the life we have. My second youngest is compassionate. She feels for everyone and everything. She helpsto remind me that everything in life is life and should be looked at with compassion. My fifth child is so strong willed...she inspires me to fight. To believe in what you want and to hang on until you get there. My fourth child lets me know it is okay to be a little lost. We will all find out way in our own time. And my third child inspires me to laugh. Even when things are not going as planned, it is good for you and others around you to laugh and just enjoy what you have. I have seven wonderful kids that inspire me everyday to be the best person I can be. Sometimes I am not great at it. But they love me just the same!
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